How to make yourself laugh all the time?

Hi people,

In this 1st post I’m writing about “5 ways to make yourself laugh”. All the posts in this blog are going to be structured in the “5 ways” style, as I believe that it makes the post and its content very easy to consume. Further posts (which will appear daily) are going to be about “5 ways to -” increase happiness, become healthier, become more self aware, enjoyably practicing sports, improve your relationships and so on… Enjoy! 🙂

1. Surround Yourself With Humorous People

A friend or relative whom you can phone just to tell a funny story to is important. And it’s helpful if that person likes to do the same. This way, no matter what kind of day you’ve had, you know there is one definite way to crack a smile.

2. Remember Your Most Embarrassing Moments

Once you recall an embarrassing moment, find some humour in it. Now practice telling stories describing these events in a funny way. It might take a little exaggeration or dramatization, but that’s what good storytelling is about. By revealing your vulnerable moments, and being self-deprecating, you open yourself up much more to the more humorous aspects of life.

3. Look Through Old Photos

Old family photos can sometimes bring back wonderful memories. For a real pick-me-up, write down funny captions or one-liners to go with your favourite pictures.

4. Have a Giggling Session

Spend 15 minutes a day just laughing. Here’s how you do it: you and one or more people (child, partner, friend, etc.) lie on the floor with your head on someone’s stomach and his or head on another person’s stomach and so on (the more people the better). The first person says, ‘Ha’. The next person says, ‘Ha-ha’. The third person says, ‘Ha-ha-ha’. And so on. You’ll all be laughing in no time.

5. Develop a Silly Routine

T break a dark mood, turn to a silly routine like speaking with a comic voice or doing a funny dance.


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A life coach, 42 years old.
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9 Responses to How to make yourself laugh all the time?

  1. dba says:

    For laugh there is no formula… It’s very difficult to laugh all the time. But your thoughts very much i agree. You also mention nice point to instance laugh. Nice blog. Thanks for sharing….

  2. Mr Oh says:

    Deffo agree with all this. Great post.

  3. bronzite says:

    And laughing more makes us happier and healthier – so I’d better start recalling all those embarrassing moments! Thanks for the blog

  4. David Emeron says:

    More good advice. Particularly #5, once again. I must say it has, on more than one occasion, been brought to my attention that my entire routine, such as it is, might be so described.

  5. Just Jewel says:

    As a person who loves to laugh and thinks it’s an important part of life, I really enjoyed this post. Also thanks for stopping by my blog.

  6. Otrazhenie says:

    One more to add to your list – have children and spend lots of time rolliking and frolliking with them. You are sure to get lots of laugh out of that 🙂

  7. Ralph says:

    Hi Cheryl. A great post. I have got to laugh *doing a funny dance* 😀 Ralph x

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